Tiny Task Thursday!

It’s Thursday again! For most places in the states, it was a very cold and wet day. Having difficulty getting motivated today? Well, you are in luck because I will be delivering very simple tasks every Thursday to help get you going! First, an inspirational quote of the day: “If you can be anything, Be… More Tiny Task Thursday!

8 Ways to keep the kiddos busy during the Pandemic (Or Anytime) :)

Well the natives are getting restless if you are one of so many people stuck inside with their children. LOL. I don’t care if it’s the best family in the world, everyone is bound to get a little antsy after 8 + days home with each other. Maybe some family fun will lighten the mood… More 8 Ways to keep the kiddos busy during the Pandemic (Or Anytime) 🙂

Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

It’s a difficult and unexpected time for many people all around the world. Not knowing how or when we will have an income again can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but on a positive note, this generation is a lot luckier then ever before. We have many resources at our fingertips, obviously the… More Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

Two tiny tasks Tuesday 3– 1–22

Happy first Tuesday of March! I read this quote this morning and decided to make it the, Quote of the month: “The good life is a direction, not a destination.” Corresponding Crystal of the Month: Unakite: The stone of vision! Nicknamed, “living in the now.” It provides grounding while opening third eye and helps you… More Two tiny tasks Tuesday 3– 1–22

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Cheap!

Hello again friends! Just a friendly reminder that it’s Valentine’s Day. Do you need some last-minute plans? Have no fear because I am here to show you how to make it a fancy day without breaking the bank. It doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, children, or maybe a family member… More Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Cheap!

Perseverance Pays Off

According to Webster the definition of Perseverance is continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties. Well, that doesn’t sound fun right?! Most of us have been hearing “hard work pays off” for the majority of our lives in one way or another. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t realize how true that really is until… More Perseverance Pays Off

What makes Today So Special?!! 02-02-2022

HAPPY 2-2-22! Today is super special in its own synchronized way. The whole month of February is fast moving energy. It is full of strong positive energy. Now is the time to find your courage and follow your dreams. Check out these awesome facts, meanings, and other fun things you may not know about today’s… More What makes Today So Special?!! 02-02-2022

8 Ways to Overcome the Winter Blues

It’s another new year! A new beginning with deeper desires, and new goals to achieve. We all start out strong with the best intentions. Life happens, it’s always full of ups and downs. Unexpected things will inevitably make it feel nearly impossible at times to keep up with our great start. It is also the… More 8 Ways to Overcome the Winter Blues

15 Weeks

My heart is breaking, My mind is aching. My body is shaking, My hands are quaking. I am falling apart, I think I knew from the start. I wrap my arms around myself, I have more emotions than I’ve ever felt. Just crying all the time, On the outside, ” I am fine.” Thoughts of… More 15 Weeks

All about us

Jkl stands for Jimmy, Kayla & Lily. I would classify us as a fun bunch who loves to laugh and is always looking for the next adventure. Whether it’s staying at home perfecting the craft of paper airplanes, or traveling to a new place, Everyday is an adventure <3