Silent Suffering

So much pain in her eyes,

Very few ever heard her cries.

Every time she tried to drown her sorrows,

It only led to worse tomorrows.

Wondering thoughts of the beach, sublime,

Always thinking, this time is the last time.

Still losing her balance far to often,

But far too stubborn to remain broken.

Why change? This life is all she knows,

Silently suffering, isn’t that how it goes?

Just floating thru life, never treated fairly.

Take the good with the bad, but isn’t it all just temporary?

So many emotions, back and forth, left in despair,

So close, but just never quite there.

And left behind the eyes, still silent suffering,

To be continued….Thoughts Buffering.

Photo by Subin on
Poetry Written by: Kayla L. on

Published by JKL-adventures

Kayla L. founder of I'm a 31 year old mother of a beautiful little girl named Lily. My wonderful boyfriend, Jimmy & my amazing daughter are absolutely all the inspiration & motivation needed to create what I hope to be a life changing site.

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