Before the sunrise

Before the light of a new day, the house is cool, quiet, and a small flame flickers from the oil lamp on the table.

The sound of the coffee dripping in the bottom of the pot. Zig walks out slowly and has a morning stretch.

She fills a small red mug, and sits with a deep breath in thoughtful silence.

The steam from her coffee is warm and smells of fresh roasted hazelnuts.

Just before the first sip touches her lips, she feels pressure, she knows what’s coming.

The thoughts pour in, the rush comes with force, it seems the same as the morning’s previous.

Something is different today. They aren’t piling up, just flowing right through.

She stops and realizes the moment it happens, a shift in the process, a sigh of pure relief.

A smile, a tear, a drop of joy. That’s all she needs.

The pen hits the paper, the words begin to smoothly flow.

“Mama, I had a bad dream.” And away the cares go.

All before the start of the day, don’t get in your own way.

Embrace each moment, make it a place you want to stay!

Published by JKL-adventures

Kayla L. founder of I'm a 31 year old mother of a beautiful little girl named Lily. My wonderful boyfriend, Jimmy & my amazing daughter are absolutely all the inspiration & motivation needed to create what I hope to be a life changing site.

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