About Us

All About Us.

Jkl stands for Jimmy, Kayla, & Lily. I would classify us as a fun bunch who is very down to earth & loves to laugh! We are always looking for the next adventure. Weather it’s staying at home perfecting the craft of paper airplanes, or traveling to a new place, Everyday is an adventure ❤

I’m the mom and kind of pulling Lily & Jimmy along for the ride on this one, but I’m very lucky that they have both been amazing & willing to help. They are definitely my main source of motivation, inspiration & happiness even during the worse of times.

This whole idea was sparked because of the 2019-2020 Pandemic they call the Coronavirus. The world is really going thru it right now! Experiencing our generations first encounter with a Pandemic is scary & I can’t help but feel like there is very little anyone can do to help or stop it. It is a truly terrible thing and my main hope in all this is that just maybe something good will come of it.

So the goal of this site for me is to spark ideas of creation. Motivate, Inspire, Connect with real people & Help as much as we can, in any way that we can. Just between the 3 of us & all the people we know we can inform & entertain pretty much anyone, everyone!

Our topics are wide spread; Adventures, Comics, Crafts, DYI, Entertainment, Exercise, Fitness, Fun, Gardening, Gaming, How to’s, Mom Life, Movies, Music, Nutrition, Poetry, Traveling, World News, We will literally talk/write/blog about anything! Feed Back is not only welcomed but a necessity! It’s an EVERYTHING BLOG 🙂 But so much more than that to me <3

I’m a firm believer in talking to anyone about anything. I’m an open book and I also believe that Love & Laughter can heal & help so much more then given credit for.