Anyone Else Freaking OUT?

The uneasy feelings have come back in full force as of late, but I can’t pinpoint one exact reason why. The condition of the world right now? Fear of the unknown in all our upcoming futures? A combination of both with added stresses piled on top? Sometimes it feels like too much for any oneContinue reading “Anyone Else Freaking OUT?”

8 Ways to keep the kiddos busy during the Pandemic (Or Anytime) :)

Well the natives are getting restless if you are one of so many people stuck inside with their children. LOL. I don’t care if it’s the best family in the world, everyone is bound to get a little antsy after 8 + days home with each other. Maybe some family fun will lighten the moodContinue reading “8 Ways to keep the kiddos busy during the Pandemic (Or Anytime) :)”

It's a New Day

I always complained that I never had enough time at home, and I’m finding out that is more then true! Today we hit the one week mark of being home, no work, no school, no ballet…and I know people are probably frustrated, anxiety ridden & financially strapped. I know I was freaking out at workContinue reading “It's a New Day”

Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

Originally posted on JKL Adventures:
It’s a difficult and unexpected time for many people all around the world. Not knowing how or when we will have an income again can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but on a positive note, this generation is a lot luckier then ever before. We have many resources…

Sweet Nothings

I never thought we’d end up together, Honestly I thought it would all end with the cold weather, But to my surprise it just keeps getting better and better. Who’d have ever thought we’d end up together! You make everything better, no matter the weather. And now my favorite place to be is together❤ —Continue reading “Sweet Nothings”