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Before the sunrise

Before the light of a new day, the house is cool, quiet, and a small flame flickers from the oil lamp on the table. The sound of the coffee dripping in the bottom of the pot. Zig walks out slowly and has a morning stretch. She fills a small red mug, and sits with a… Continue reading Before the sunrise


15 Weeks

My heart is breaking, My mind is aching. My body is shaking, My hands are quaking. I am falling apart, I think I knew from the start. I wrap my arms around myself, I have more emotions than I've ever felt. Just crying all the time, On the outside, " I am fine." Thoughts of… Continue reading 15 Weeks


Victims of the Holocaust

If I were a victim of the Holocaust, I would feel so very lost. Just knowing that no one was there, That pain alone I could not bare, I wish Hitler was not so full of hate, Maybe then people would have more faith. If I were a victim of the Holocaust, I would be… Continue reading Victims of the Holocaust


Sweet Nothings

I never thought we’d end up together, Honestly I thought it would all end with the cold weather, But to my surprise it just keeps getting better and better. Who’d have ever thought we’d end up together! You make everything better, no matter the weather. And now my favorite place to be is together❤ —… Continue reading Sweet Nothings