Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

It’s a difficult and unexpected time for many people all around the world. Not knowing how or when we will have an income again can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but on a positive note, this generation is a lot luckier then ever before. We have many resources at our fingertips, obviously the internet is a big game changer.

  • Ever wonder if you can really make money from home? Well Now is the time to find out! Weather you find out you’re great at blogging or do a 5 minute paid survey for 50 cents, I personally think that right now anything is better than nothing.

I use to be away from the house 9 hours a day, 5 days a week minimum. If you put 4–5 hours a day, 5 days a week into real effort on ways to bring in some money, everyone is bound to find something they’re good at! YouTube Channels have made millionaires, but i’m sure not without a lot of time and persistence put into it.

  • Many of us have lots of extra time at home to do some early spring cleaning. Maybe consider selling unwanted items online, take some pics and post to a couple of the many free marketplaces. Now might not be the best time for people to be exchanging things, but there’s always ways around physically contacting people now-a-days.

I don’t know about everybody else but I am holding on to everything I have right now, mainly because of my, “just in case” mindset. So in my opinion, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If it can wait to be paid, hold off. Many if not all utility company’s have issued no shut off notices. I’m pretty sure landlords can’t evict any tenants right now, and this is all comforting, but we’re going to have to pay it eventually. So I’m definitely not saying don’t pay the bills. I’m just sayin…

  • Maybe pay the minimums on your credit cards. I don’t think anyone really knows weather this pandemic is going to last a couple weeks or a couple months. One normal payment for me is 3 months of minimum payments, and again, “just in case” me would much rather continue to pay on time instead of over pay one month and not be able to pay the next month.

That being said this next part might seem contradicting, but watch the stocks right now. If you have any interest at all in the stock market, now may just be the time to keep a closer eye on things. Most people know the whole economy is hurt right now and the stock market is a big part of that. However…

  • Stocks like Tesla that were 8–9 hundred dollars per stock are now hitting a lot lower prices in the 3 hundreds. That’s a higher priced example, but if you have an extra 12$ in your stock account, what you could have bought 1 stock in at the beginning of the year you could buy 5 of now. So maybe watch some of the smaller stocks that aren’t going anywhere, and even if you could turn 12 dollars into 30 right now any profit would be nice.

The real penny pincher in me keeps going back to my Nana saying “Waste not want not!” Things we laugh at now seemed normal “back in the day”….like washing ziplock bags…yea seems funny, but what if it really comes to that? LOL. Most likely not, however, why not be over prepared rather than under.

This all may seem a little vague, but I really hope that it was helpful and triggered some ideas in your mind or sparked some motivation. Stay Safe❤

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