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Good Day. I said, Good Day!!


Today is a good day! I feel good, my energy is high and I am happy. Somedays that is all you need to make a great day, right? Now let’s be honest, not everyday is quite so easy huh?

Well I heard once that even if it’s not a good day, just start over! Make it a good day! Shake off and let go of everything that’s pissing you off. Do something that makes you feel good, and just Smile! Help others, get a haircut, write a positive blog post, or maybe go for a walk. Whatever your thing is, your happy place, go there and start the day over!

Easier said then done right? Well what if it wasn’t! What if it really was that easy to ensure every day is not only a good day, but a great day! If we aren’t happy then let’s change it! If we don’t change the things or situations making us unhappy then why would our emotions and feelings change?

I am so guilty of getting into a negative, complaining mindset and not only allowing it to ruin my mood, but my entire day, sometimes longer depending on the subject, day, time etc.. I call it the yellow snowball effect! One bad thought leads to the next and then decisions and emotions start flying, words come out and it’s all down hill from there.

I finally have come to the obvious realization that our lives are far too short and time is so precious that there is no time to waste with bad days and feeling yucky! Don’t get me wrong, I still get incredibly angry and emotional. I still get road rage, and I doubt that will change unless people start miraculously learning how to drive. I am not happy all the time and I’m still so far from complete self satisfaction that sometimes it seems out of reach. However, I feel different, in a great way. Like I am aligned with my higher power and everything is working as it should. I love making the next right decision for the right reasons and never doubting myself.

I “accidently” came across a video online of a Monk asking if I was angry and asking what I had to lose by trying this or that. I’m not sure why I let it play so long, but by the end of this 10 minute ad I was searching for more. I started practicing meditation, breathing techniques, affirmations, and positive self talk, which led to many open doors. I know it sounds crazy, but my anger really was getting the best of me. I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.” So since I had nothing to lose I tried some guided meditations a couple times a week or when I had time and it’s amazing how much better I feel.

It can be depressing how we let life and the world today suck us in and drain us of our creative happy sides. I hope this helps someone today to always look up and never give up!

Lots of Love 🙂

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