Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Cheap!

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Hello again friends!

Just a friendly reminder that it’s Valentine’s Day. Do you need some last-minute plans? Have no fear because I am here to show you how to make it a fancy day without breaking the bank.

It doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, children, or maybe a family member that you want to do something special for. It can be pretty hard these days finding and affording gifts. Things are out of stock, inflation is at an all-time high, there is distribution issues, and we just don’t have extra money to blow on another holiday. This doesn’t mean that we can’t make it a special day for our loved ones. So here are some simple steps to an inexpensive but fancy Valentine’s that your person will fall in love with.

  1. Let’s talk Flowers! I know, I know, roses are the flower of love and all classic…well who cares! They are expensive and have a shorter life span. I promise you this…whoever you are giving flowers to will be just as happy with the boatload of daisies that you get for the price of 2 single roses! I’m sorry to all the rose-lovers out there but the prices are ridiculous. I love giving and receiving flowers. They are my go-to gift and I normally always have a “clearance bouquet” on my kitchen table. Most grocery stores have a wonderful bin of cheaper arrangements for 3-5 dollars per bunch. They are wonderful! If you put them in a mason jar or an extra vase you have laying around the house, you will have the perfect bouquet for 10 bucks tops instead of paying 50 dollars minimum for a dozen roses!
  2. Let’s Talk Tealight Candles! Yes, tealight candles. Go get a pack of 100 for a small price. These tiny candles are miracle workers. They seem like a small and simple thing, but they will turn the worse looking room into a romantic space. Light 20 tea lights, put them in the bathroom, and draw a bubble bath. Tell me who wouldn’t love that?! They add a wonderful ambience and they’re cheap.
  3. Let’s Talk Dinner! Everyone loves to go out to eat but, we all know that it is normally cheaper to stay home. Staying home can have some pretty good benefits. First off, you can stay in jammies if you want, or still get dressed up. You don’t have to find a babysitter (if you don’t want to, or maybe you should anyway). Second, you don’t have to go out in the weather just to get to a crowded restaurant. You don’t have to wait forever for your food and drink, and no rude staff to possibly ruin the mood. Here is the best part! Make dinner the main event of the evening. Cook together or for each other. If you’re up for a challenge, one of you can be blindfolded :). Be creative, be thoughtful, and just be together. Include your kids and of course, make it super fun. Or be alone and enjoy cooking yourself the best meal ever!
  4. Spend Less and Give More! Sometimes one kind act is worth more than 100 material things. We all have that person who has everything and is impossible to buy for. Well, everyone dreads doing something. Normally it’s something we have to do anyway, for me it’s dishes! Relentless! Figure out what needs done and help someone today, or any day, every day. Not because it’s Valentine’s, or you get paid to but, just because. I would take a day free from doing dishes over a present, no questions. Kindness is free and lasts forever.
  5. Love Yourself First! I know it’s cliche, but it is so important. It is nearly impossible to show others true love without taking care of yourself first. Never expect anything from others that you don’t already ask of yourself. Our relationships are so special and much needed, especially with ourselves. No one compliments you. Then compliment yourself. Be proud of you! It’s been a journey to get where you are today, and YOU put in the work, YOU did it. You and only you can feel good about YOU and continue to be the best YOU yet. Giving to others is much easier knowing that you are worth it too.

If no one tells you today…You are beautiful. You are loved, and You are worthy of happiness. You are the best, and without YOU none of this is possible. I hope this quick list gives you some great ideas and lots of smiles. Wishing you all the best Valentine’s Day yet!

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