Perseverance Pays Off

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According to Webster the definition of Perseverance is continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties. Well, that doesn’t sound fun right?! Most of us have been hearing “hard work pays off” for the majority of our lives in one way or another. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t realize how true that really is until we have already wasted some time not working hard. That is ok! Don’t worry!

It is true that you have to put some work in order to move towards bigger and better things in your life. Here’s the GOOD NEWS! If you love what you do and have a real passion for the dreams you are heading for, it won’t feel like hard work. If you don’t feel that passion, then explore new things that make you feel it. In the process of persevering, you will not only gain more knowledge on your desired goals, but it will also bring you the true feelings of joy that go along with accomplishments. Perseverance really works and it is always worth it.

It is often hard to keep going especially after what seems like “failing” time and time again. Just remember (Here comes your inspirational quote of the day) “There is no such thing as failure, just pit stops on your way to sucess.”

Thomas Edison also said it best, “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Think of these quotes the next time you feel like giving up. Hold on because you are one step closer to success and your next set back could be one step away from achieving your big goal. Keep pushing forward and even if it seems like it’s just not working, take a deep breath and KNOW that your dream come true is on its way to you.

Here’s a couple tips to help you preserve!

-Be Grateful. Gratitude is a powerful thing. This can get you through more than you may realize. Practice gratitude every day! You can’t give up when you are too busy thinking about how blessed you are.

-Take a Breather. Literally or figuratively, just take a break. Try some deep cleansing breaths, have a snack, maybe jump in the shower and rinse off the frustration. Now jump right back in with fresh eyes and preserve!

-Visualize Your Finish Line. Take a minute and picture in your mind you have achieved your big goal. Be as specific as possible and really sink into what you are feeling. Feelings of happiness and bliss. Know that it is your future self, celebrating this major achievement! It is already done. Now keep working 🙂

Simple Task of the Day: Take one small step towards a big goal. Do some research, find others who have achieved similar goals and be inspired. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyone. One small thing.

I really hope that this helps you or someone you know that needs a little pick-me-up. Do what you have to and be a person you look up to. Be the very best version of yourself as often as possible and then strive to be an even better version tomorrow.

Find Adventure in Finding Your Best Self <3

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