Power of Positivity

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What do you believe? I personally have always believed in higher powers, yes, plural. I believe in God, and the Universe. In my world they are the two most powerful things I have ever felt. Now I know everyone is different and you may call yours, God, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, Yahweh, and I could list 100,000 more with deeper research around the whole world. Now can’t we all agree that no matter what we call our higher power, it is just that…something Powerful. Something beyond our sight, beyond our reach and beyond our controlling minds wildest dreams? Can we also agree that our Universe is an amazing miracle with more power then we can control. We are floating on a big ball in an infinite amount of energy. What if our tiny, (pea-sized, compared to the universe) brains could sync up not only with our body and soul, but what if we could sync up with the vibrations of the earth, all while being tuned into Gods frequency!!! Could you imagine all that power in one little human, what about 100 humans, 1000. All humans? Seem impossible? But with all that power everything is possible! There is no limit, not the sky, not the universe, nothing could stop us because we are one with everything. I know, I know …it’s deep, and I am probably starting to lose you a bit (laughing out loud).

Well here is the thing, I’m on the verge on something, amazing!! I want to tell you all about it, however, I don’t know what It, is yet. But I can feel it! I feel something different, like I am completely aligned with everything for the first time ever! Now keep in mind, this is coming from an anxiety ridden mess for the last 30 years, and all of a sudden, poof! I just have this crazy feeling of all my worries falling away and this amazing feeling of knowing with my whole being that everything is not only going to be okay but it is going to be great and so much more then i could have ever imagined not too long ago. At times I can visualize my future self in my perfect life, feeling the happiness in myself and knowing that I am on my way to that makes me so happy and excited right now that I shake or cry or sometimes both. Then I write and this comes out! So I guess this is just a glimpse of what is yet to come!

I cant wait to hear what others think and feel and I hope everyone reading this is blessed with warm feelings of happiness, love, and positive affirmations!

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