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  • Before the sunrise

    Before the light of a new day, the house is cool, quiet, and a small flame flickers from the oil lamp on the table. The sound of the coffee dripping in the bottom of the pot. Zig walks out slowly and has a morning stretch. She fills a small red mug, and sits with a […]

  • Anyone Else Freaking OUT?

    The uneasy feelings have come back in full force as of late, but I can’t pinpoint one exact reason why. The condition of the world right now? Fear of the unknown in all our upcoming futures? A combination of both with added stresses piled on top? Sometimes it feels like too much for any one […]

  • 15 Weeks

    My heart is breaking, My mind is aching. My body is shaking, My hands are quaking. I am falling apart, I think I knew from the start. I wrap my arms around myself, I have more emotions than I’ve ever felt. Just crying all the time, On the outside, ” I am fine.” Thoughts of […]

  • Silent Suffering

    Don’t give up!

  • 8 Ways to keep the kiddos busy during the Pandemic (Or Anytime) 🙂

    Well the natives are getting restless if you are one of so many people stuck inside with their children. LOL. I don’t care if it’s the best family in the world, everyone is bound to get a little antsy after 8 + days home with each other. Maybe some family fun will lighten the mood […]

  • Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

    Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic
  • Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

    Financial Tips During 2020 Pandemic

    It’s a difficult and unexpected time for many people all around the world. Not knowing how or when we will have an income again can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but on a positive note, this generation is a lot luckier then ever before. We have many resources at our fingertips, obviously the […]