Tiny Task Thursday!

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It’s Thursday again! For most places in the states, it was a very cold and wet day. Having difficulty getting motivated today? Well, you are in luck because I will be delivering very simple tasks every Thursday to help get you going! First, an inspirational quote of the day:

“If you can be anything, Be a forever student! Never stop learning!”

You never know when your next lesson could unlock an unknown happiness inside of you. Maybe you will find a way to make your life easier or just something interesting that you are curious about. Find that one thing that has recently piqued your interest and dive in! You will not regret the journey it inevitably takes you on.

Learning at any age can be fun and frustrating at the same time but the benefits are always worth it. Continuous learning obviously improves brain function and mental sharpness. What most people do not know is that learning different and new things can have amazing effects on mental, emotional and even physical health as well. It gives you feelings of true accomplishment and leads to finding deeper self or life purpose.

That might be a little too deep for this post, so back to the Tiny Task Thursday. Do one small thing today that your tomorrow self will thank you for!


I am not saying sign up for college classes or anything. Just think about the last time you thought to yourself, “hmmm, that’s cool, i wouldn’t mind knowing more about that.” Now Google it, go to your local library and read a book about it, or my personal favorite, YouTube it and get lost for hours in the endless world of free content. We have it so easy now-a-days! No more digging thru dusty encyclopedias to research something. We literally hold the answers to anything we want to know right in the palm of our hands.

It is such a simple task to learn one small thing a day. Find a fun fact that you didn’t know yesterday. Now imagine how much we could know if we did that every day. You could master an abundance of skills without even trying.

The human brain is an amazing and complex organ that we rarely use often enough of. I don’t know if the saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” is true when it comes to the human brain, but really…why risk it? 🙂 Exercise you learning skills for one minute a day and see how it can change your life in great ways over time.

Now here are some awesome fun facts I learned today about the human brain thanks to nm.org and dentinstitute.com

-Your brain generates enough power to light up a 23-watt lightbulb.

-The brain is the fattest organ in the human body.

-On average the brain makes up about 2% of your body weight.

-The heaviest human brain weighed 4.43 pounds belonged to Ivan Turgenev who was a Russian Writer.

-Our brains triple in size in our first year of life, but do not reach full maturity until 25.

I hope this was a fun and informative read for you. Don’t forget too always FIND THE ADVENTURE IN FINDING THE BEST YOU!

I look forward to growing more together tomorrow.

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