Two tiny tasks Tuesday 3– 1–22

Happy first Tuesday of March! I read this quote this morning and decided to make it the,

Quote of the month:

“The good life is a direction, not a destination.”

enjoy the journey<3

Corresponding Crystal of the Month:

Unakite: The stone of vision! Nicknamed, “living in the now.” It provides grounding while opening third eye and helps you to release “deadweight” from your life.

Corresponding Card of the Day:

The Tower: The breaking down of something in order to start fresh. Build new and create something even better, because you know now more than ever before.

Sometimes a clean slate is exactly what we need for a wonderful new beginning so here are two simple steps to a beautiful March.

First Tiny Task: Declutter a visionary “messy spot” in your space. Where do you spend the most time when you are home? Now look around and find that shelf, table, or drawer that makes you say “ughh” and wrinkle your nose. Everyone has that messy place, whether your kitchen table is a catchall, or your bedroom end stand hasn’t been dusted in a year. Take something today and make it look as great as possible. Make it cleaner than it’s ever been before. You can take a before and after picture to see the true difference.

my messy work table
my clean work table

This will probably only take 10 or 20 minutes even if it’s a real problem area. Definitely worth the feelings of instant gratification and accomplishment this will give you.

Second Tiny Task: Do one minute of sit-ups. Can’t do a sit-up? That is OK! Try! Try to do a sit-up for 60 whole seconds. Even if you accomplish one single sit-up in one minute, well that’s more than you could have without trying at all.

So a 10 minute declutter and a one minute workout. That is 11 minutes out of your 24 hour day. I don’t think that’s very much to ask to benefit yourself and your life. Simple steps can lead to huge results.

I hope you have an amazing March. And don’t forget to find the adventure in finding the best you!

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